What is Wagyu and American Wagyu Beef?

Wagyu and all its glory

Wagyu is recognized as the world’s finest beef, unmatched for flavor, texture and overall dining satisfaction.

The intense marbling of wagyu beef dissolves into the cuts as they are cooked. The flavor explodes in each bite. Our American Wagyu Beef is incredibly rich, a little bit goes a long way with its legendary taste and silky smooth texture. Masami Foods delivery top grade American Wagyu Beef. (See: http://wagyu.org/breed-info/meat-grading/). The cattle born at our ranch furnish the very best of the rich, tasty meats and provide higher Japanese Beef Marbling Scores (BMS).  – What scores do they receive?

We love our cattle, the American way

We begin with specific bloodlines (Which?) that produce unique muscle fibers and distinct, flavorful marbling. Wagyu marbling is derived from the method of feeding given to the cattle. We have perfected our unique feeding program to maximise grade, quality, and taste.  Our specialized feeding program moves through the following stages.

Start life out on the wonders free-ranging space with a grass diet that they obtain by simply eating what is growing naturally at our beautiful ranch.

Next, our cattle are fed a grain feed to exacting standards with a special 100% vegetarian diet over 365 days.

The cattle complete their diet program in own Masami Ranch-based feedlots.

The cattle are closely monitored with family care throughout their time with us. As per our guarantee, we ensure top quality treatment and top quality beef.  Masami American Wagyu Beef accentuates the key characteristics by which Wagyu Beef is known, namely highly marbled palatable beef. Masami’s American Wagyu Beef uses long feeding systems of a high-roughage diet. This type of diet has been proven to improve the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids ratio, thus adding to the already nutrient-dense protein based diet (source: Texas A&M and Washington University, Beef Check-Off).

Why Eat Beef?

According to research, the protein in beef can help you maintain muscle, healthy weight, and healthy blood sugar levels while burning fat. Additionally, research has found that long-fed Wagyu beef is much higher in mono-unsaturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids. Lastly, the percentage of fatty acid affects the texture and feel of food in the mouth, particularly in meats.

  • Overall carcass maturity, “A”
  • Grain Fed, special Japanese feeding method
  • Minimally processed

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